Kansas City & Unit 131 Bridge History
(Under Construction - Probably Forever)
   By Don Stack
  I have thought about constructing KC bridge history web page for many years.
Since I have been a member of this unit for almost 55 years, I have witnessed
and been a part of quite a bit of the Kansas City Bridge History. I have conducted
many interviews to compile the facts and stories. If after reading the history,
you believe that you have something to add or a correction that should be made,
please contact me and I would be glad to correct or add to the history.
  Here are the links to Kansas City Bridge History

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  > History of Duplicate Bridge in KC
  > History of Rubber Bridge in KC
  > The Legendary "Heart Of America" Bridge Club
  > The Bridge-Lite Follies
  > Nationals & Regionals & Sectionals
  > Notable achievements by unit 131 members.
  > The Cat Woman
  > Muriel Bridge
  > Administration and Beginning of Unit 131
  > Brookside Buddha
  > How Duplicate Bridge has changed
  >  I never thought it would happen
  >  Bygone but not Forgotten
  >  Four Great Bridge Players From the Past
Kincaid - Hubbell - Bombeck - Rosenschein



Enjoy KC Bridge History - I had much fun putting it together