Don Stack Home Page
Brief Profile
Retired in 2002 after working as Quality Control Chemist at Kansas City Power and Light.
Bridge professional with 55 years experience playing bridge.
Member of ACBL with over 33,000 master points.
Grand Life Master, National Champion after winning Chicago Mixed BAM in Nashville 2007.
Winner of more than 605 regionals (Blue Ribbon Qualifications), in the top 50 (34rd) of all time masterpoint winners.
Proud father of 4 children and grandfather of 7 grandchildren.
Available for the following Services:
1. Partner for games at world championships, nationals, regionals, sectionals, club games, party bridge.
2. Partner for online sessions (Example = OKbridge & Bridge Base).
3. Private lessons and lectures on all aspects of bridge.
4. Rubber bridge games arranged.

Please call or email for information.


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